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The paintings

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Marek is an abstract painter, with great sensitivity, who creates his works by bending reality and sometimes even touching on irrationality. On canvas, he expresses his subjective point of view of things, people and the world. His motto ‘Everything that is not obvious is exciting.

Mixing the conscious and subconscious, Marek uses color to express a taste of a moment and feelings, creating an abstract perspective drenched in surreal expressionism. Inspired by quantum philosophy and the interaction of the cosmos, Marek's work brings together a narrative of global consciousness and the unknown murmuration of physics and philosophy.

The artist

London-based artist, Marek has lived in London for over 30 years . He owes his experience and love for painting to his mother, Anna, artist and painter. Enchanted by his mothers world of exhibitions and painting, it was thanks to her that he developed his passion for fine arts. Surrounded by easels and brushes since early childhood, he observed the creation of art along with learning multiple techniques and skills.

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